Gambling Superstitions Disclosed

Superstitions have been an essential part of gambling from a very long time. Players from across the world believe in some type of superstition and in the vast majority of the cases they also use the same assortment of beliefs. But, Gambling Superstitions Disclosed – Chinese Superstitions and Common Superstitions Articles there are some countries like China that has a different class of superstitions. These superstitions establish the things which are thought to be lucky and those that are thought to be ominous.

There are so many players who will do anything to boost their likelihood of winning even if it includes doing a rite of some kind before or during the game. Though there are some groups of players such as Chinese players who have picked their own set of superstitions, there are also a common group of superstitions that plenty of people share. Let us look at few of the common superstitions and also some of the Chinese superstitions.
Common Superstitions

few of the Common Superstitions that plenty of gamblers share include:

The color black, magpie, dog near the gambling table or breaking a mirror is believed to be omens of a setback.

You will have a lucky strike if you take with you a four leaf clover, a horseshoe or a rabbit’s foot. You could also have good luck if you blow on the dice before rolling, keep your fingers cross and keeping your chips heaped aptly on the table.

You may have a lucky strike if you have a pretty woman standing behind you or you make use of your index finger to rub your ideal card.

Playing game on a glossed top or lending funds to your bk8 opponent will bring hard luck.

Chinese Superstitions

Chinese are another set of very superstitious individuals. They have a set of their own beliefs which has become an essential aspect of the Chinese customs and are accepted extensively. Some of the usual Chinese Superstitions include:

maintaining distance from ladies if you are a man

don’t count money at the time of gambling

don’t put your hands on a gambler’s shoulder the time he is playing

Girls have higher chances of winning at the time of their period

units like four and fourteen are considered bad and you should not check into hotels with these characters

do not make use of the main entry of the casino

before getting in to a casino, switch all the lights in the house

the number eight is believed to be to be lucky for the Chinese and the number 58 is thought to bring bad luck


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