Kicking for a Football Scholarship!

He has only been in high school for a few weeks and now he is a kicking legend? Football Scholarships are beating down his door? This is the effect of the internet, instant information everywhere. Jake Van Ginkel has posted a video of his kicking feats (no pun intended) on YouTube that display the fifteen year old booting a 60 yard field goal and there the legend grew. Thousands of views later he now is kicking Upland High School. Jake is already considered by some as one of the top high school kickers around. He is just one of five boys in his family that all have aspirations of kicking on Sunday if it’s up to his father. Pete Van Ginkel puts his boys through a elaborate system of physical and mental exercises specifically designed for kicking.

And why not, at least he’s not getting killed on the field by UFABET การทายคะแนนที่ถูกต้อง linebackers while hitting sixty yarders. Not to mention the ability to kick field goals consistently equates to football scholarships. He should really write a book on How to Get a Football Scholarship, as there are as many as 60 kickers and punters a year that now receive full scholarships from Division I football teams. Understand that the number was only ten a year ten years ago. Also, with the new kickoff rule change in college football it has become increasingly more important to have a big foot kicking off.

We’ll continue to look out for Jake and many more Van Ginkel’s to win games for there teams in the coming years and be sure that a football scholarship is just around the corner for him.